Free SAT, ACT Prep

Free SAT, ACT Prep Available to High School Students
Posted on 06/09/2021
Student taking exam

High school students in Palm Beach County now have access to free SAT and ACT preparation tools, thanks to a partnership between the School District and UWorld.

The collaboration is designed to provide high school students with research-based preparation strategies that improve engagement, retention, and critical thinking skills. The active learning provided through the UWorld platform will help students recall critical concepts on exam day.

The program also allows students to practice and prepare throughout the summer, including a pre and post self-assessment to help them monitor their progress toward college readiness. Students can activate a free UWorld subscription by clicking here. When registering, students will specify either SAT or ACT exam prep.

After registering, the student will receive an email from UWorld to guide them through the redemption process. If additional support is needed, the steps for redeeming a code are outlined here: UWorld & PBCSD Subscription Redemption Walkthrough.

Once a subscription has been activated, the student will have access to UWorld SAT and ACT preparation tools until September 30, 2021.

The School District of Palm Beach County