Determination Fuels Big Dreams

Purpose and Planning: How This ESOL Student’s Determination Fuels Big Dreams for Her Future
Posted on 06/07/2021
Aliana Bien-Aime

Aliana Bien-Aime is an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) student at Glades Central Community High School who has only been in the United States for a little over four years. In that time period, she mastered English, devoted herself to tutoring classes and online learning programs like Achieve 3000, and passed her state assessment tests.

“Learning in a new country was hard. I didn't know if I could do it. I had to adapt to a new culture and a new language, and also to a new system of education,” Bien-Aime said.

Her dedication resulted in several other achievements, including earning a spot on her school’s honor roll, maintaining a 3.6 GPA, and receiving certification as an EKG technician through her participation in medical academy classes at Glades Central.

“Aliana has an intrinsic motivation that makes her special. She always wants to push harder,” said Rose Goldman, Bien-Aime’s English teacher who recognized her drive early on. “She knows that her hard work will bloom and one day help to nurture the community.”      

Bien-Aime began taking classes at Palm Beach State College in the summer of 2020, earning 36 academic credits even before she was set to graduate high school in 2021. She is now a full-time student at the college, majoring in Health Sciences. She attributes her ambition to her parents, whose support and guidance has been instrumental to her success.

“My mom is a wonderful woman who always helps me with my education, always encourages me, and makes sure I get my assignments done,” Bien-Aime said. “My dad always tells me that I should be better than him, he wants me to achieve higher.”

Bien-Aime took that sentiment to heart, becoming the first in her family to graduate from high school and the first to attend college. Her career aspiration is to become an obstetrician, a fitting profession given her love of helping people. Her determined mindset about her day-to-day life and her future is fueled by a clarity of purpose and a drive to continue to flourish.

“I wake up each day with my goals in mind, so the choices I make are clear and simple,” Bien-Aime said. “By approaching those choices with confidence, faith, and surrounding myself with good people, I am always in a position to succeed.”

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