School District Teams up With Miami Marlins

School District Teams up With Miami Marlins to Counteract Summer Slide
Posted on 06/15/2021
The School District of Palm Beach County is collaborating with the Miami Marlins and Major League Baseball to provide access to resources that help fight the “summer slide.” During the summer months, students who don’t practice and test their knowledge can lose critical math and literacy skills.

This “summer slide” causes teachers to spend substantial time in the fall reteaching the lost material. The Marlins and MLB have partnered with digital innovation leader EVERFI to do something about this education problem, offering local youth a baseball-themed learning course called Summer Slugger.

The online program is intended for students in fourth and fifth grades to increase their retention of important literacy and math skills during the summer months. This ensures that they are confident entering fifth or sixth grade and won't be playing catch up in their classes at the beginning of the year. The course can be used in higher or lower grades depending on students’ academic abilities.

Each week, students complete a series of fun, baseball-themed math and literacy games to practice the critical lessons learned in school. Trophies and other incentives can be earned through continuous progress.

This online experience is available at no cost to individuals and organizations. Users are invited to join the program to earn points, unlock levels, and receive progress-based rewards throughout the summer, all while training their brain. Go to the Summer Slugger website to access the educational resources and get started.
The School District of Palm Beach County