Free SAT Offered to High School Students

Free SAT Offered to High School Students
Posted on 03/05/2019
Free Sat Offered to High School Students

More than 13,000 high school juniors and hundreds of high school seniors in Palm Beach County schools will be taking the SAT, free of charge, at their schools on Wednesday, March 6.

In 2010, the District became the first in the nation to offer the college-entrance exam for free to all high school juniors during what is called SAT Day.

“The goal is to eliminate barriers for students who might otherwise have skipped college entrance exams,” said Deputy Superintendent Keith Oswald.

Not only does the school-day testing eliminate the cost of the exam, typically $47 to $64, it eliminates the burden of securing transportation to the testing site, missing work, caring for siblings, and other obligations that may prevent students from taking the exam when it is typically administered on Saturdays. Additionally, passing the SAT fulfills a graduation requirement for those students who do not pass the 10th grade Florida Standards Assessments (FSA).

Oswald was the principal at Boynton Beach Community High School in 2009 when the District first piloted the program to provide an opportunity for students at the school to take the test. Funded by a grant, the school set a record for The College Board, a nonprofit association that runs the SAT program. Never before had any school system offered a free SAT for an entire grade level in one sitting.

In the decade since, thousands of Palm Beach County students have taken advantage of the free SAT Day. Over that time, the District’s graduation rate has continued to climb, reaching 91.7 percent for the 2017-2018 school year.

“Fostering post-graduate success is one of the pillars of the School District’s Five Year Strategic Plan,” Oswald said. “Providing this opportunity is opening doors for our students to apply to college and further the world-class education that they have gained in our schools.”

Students who miss SAT Day, will be offered a make-up day on April 9. Free preparation for the PSAT and SAT is also available for students thanks to a partnership between the District and Khan Academy.

For more information on the SAT, watch this video:

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