Bright Futures Scholarship Call to Action

Bright Futures Scholarship Call to Action
Posted on 03/30/2021
Bright Futures - Call to Action

The School District of Palm Beach County opposes removing the Bright Futures scholarship promise to pay tuition. The District also opposes removing the promise to provide a textbook funding stipend for students who receive the Academic Scholars award. Under proposed SB-86, the Bright Futures program promise to pay 100% of tuition for Academic Scholars, and 75% to 100% of tuition for Medallion Scholars, would be broken.

Instead, the amount of these awards would be determined year-to-year during the state budgeting process. The Bright Futures Scholarship Program promise should be kept in law, as is, so that students who receive awards and their parents can depend on consistent scholarship funding while attending a college or university in Florida.

  • Despite the recent revisions to SB-86, the bill still remains a serious threat to the funding of the Bright Futures program.
  • It removes the Bright Future Scholarship promise of awarding 75% to 100% of tuition and fees and the Academic Scholars promise to provide a textbook stipend.
  • It changes the funding to a tentative, yearly State Budget appropriation, thus tying it to a fluctuating state budget and at times, political decisions every year. A cornerstone of the Bright Futures Program is that a student awarded a scholarship can depend on the award throughout their college or university career so long as they remain eligible for their scholarship.
  • Bright Futures is not an entitlement program. It is merit-based. Students work diligently to earn this prestigious scholarship.
  • By creating uncertainty with Bright Future funding, the state may drive away our most talented students who will seek guaranteed college scholarships in other states.
  • Those earning Bright Future scholarships are already high-performing, talented students with many hours of community service and stellar GPAs. We want them to remain in our state and reward them for the many years of hard work qualifying for a Bright Futures award. Please do not break the promise of tuition funding for our Best & Brightest Florida students.

Please join us in opposing SB-86 and any proposed restrictions to the Bright Futures Scholarship program.


Please contact legislators today (see list below) and ask them to:

  • Not break the promise of Bright Futures awards to our best and brightest students.
  • Please oppose any changes or funding uncertainty to the Bright Future scholarship program.
  • Florida parents and students must be able to depend on this funding and not have to cross their fingers every year that the program funding won’t be reduced or not provided.

You can make contact via telephone or email.

Senate Appropriations Committee

(850) 487-5240 




Senator Ben Albritton

(850) 487-5026

[email protected] 

Senator Aaron Bean 

(850) 487-5004 

[email protected]

Senator Lauren Book 

(850) 487-5032 

[email protected]

Senator Randolph Bracy 

(850) 487-5011 

[email protected]

SenatorJeff Brandes 

(850) 487-5024 

[email protected] 

Senator Doug Broxson 

(850) 487-5001 

[email protected]

Senator Manny Diaz 

(850) 487-5036 

[email protected]

Senator Gary Farmer 

(850) 487-5034 

[email protected]

Senator George Gainer 

(850) 487-5002 

[email protected]

Senator Audrey Gibson

(850) 487-5006 

[email protected] 

Senator Ed Hooper 

(850) 487-5016

[email protected] 

Senator Travis Hutson

(850) 487-5007

[email protected] 

Senator Debbie Mayfield

(850) 487-5017

[email protected]

Senator Kathleen Passidomo

(850) 487-5028

[email protected] 

Senator Keith Perry 

(850) 487-5008

[email protected] 

Senator Jason Pizzo 

(850) 487-5038

[email protected] 

Senator Bobby Powell

(850) 487-5030

[email protected] 

Senator Darryl Rouson

(850) 487-5019

ro[email protected] 

Senator Kelli Stargel

(850) 487-5022

[email protected] 

Senator Linda Stewart

(850) 487-5013

[email protected]

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