Forest Park ES Celebrates Haitian Heritage Month

Forest Park Elementary Celebrates Haitian Heritage Month
Posted on 05/24/2019
Students performing on stage

In a festive atmosphere with songs and dances, Forest Park Elementary celebrated Haitian Heritage Month during an evening of cultural expression on May 21.

Parents, community members and school staff watched students perform routines that represent their country's unique culture and history.

"It is important for our children to celebrate their heritage and their culture during Haitian Heritage Month,” said Jessy Canton, the school’s guidance counselor. “We celebrate diversity at Forest Park Elementary and Haitian heritage is part of this diversity. "

The cafeteria, where the event took place, was decorated with photos of the great heroes of Haiti’s Independence, including Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Toussaint Louverture and Henri Christophe. There was also a display of agricultural products from Haiti and other items that represent the country’s history.

The students played Haitian traditional folklore music and performed traditional dances, while dressed in the colors of the Haitian Flag.

The Haitian Heritage Month celebration is an opportunity for the Haitian diaspora to share their culture with all the communities where they live in the United States.

"At Forest Park Elementary we are proud to celebrate diversity," Canton said.

Watch video of the students performing to traditional Haitian music:

 Mother and Son with Haitian Flag


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