Students Learn Kreyòl

Students Learn Kreyòl to Celebrate Haitian Heritage
Posted on 05/29/2019
Students reading books

Students had a chance to learn the basics of a new language at the Belle Glade Branch Library on May 21, during an activity called “Haitian Creole for Kids.”

Although the goal was to teach basic Haitian Creole to non-speakers, the group also included Haitian-Americans who don’t know Creole due to a lack of reinforcement of the language at home.

“The Glades region is home to a significant Haitian population. The knowledge of their language can only be beneficial to someone living around here,” said Gessy Volcimus, the head of Children and Teen Services at the Library.

To celebrate Haitian Heritage Month, the Palm Beach County Library System partners with the School District to organize several educational and cultural events throughout the County, including this event focused on language acquisition.

“It is always good to at least know how to greet a classmate, a friend, a neighbor, or a co-worker in his own language,” Volcimus said. “Just knowing how to say ‘thank you’ in a different language is often very appreciated. Also, if you know only a couple of words and phrases, your students will be happy thinking you really speak the language.”

The curriculum included basic Haitian Creole, such as how to greet someone, say please and thank you, using common commands, and also naming basic objects. The students practiced through repetition and engaging in basic conversation.

Additionally, with the assistance of the instructor, the students had the opportunity to read the book “Selavi: That is Life - A Haitian Story of Hope” written by Youme Landowne.

The School District of Palm Beach County