Value of Social Emotional Learning

District Focuses on Value of Social Emotional Learning
Posted on 05/07/2019
Students running down a hall

During May for Mental Health Awareness and Trauma-Informed Care Month, the School District of Palm Beach County is zeroing in on the importance of social-emotional learning, one of the cornerstones of student success.

According to the Aspen Institute, the National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development, it is important to complement the focus on academics with the development of the social and emotional skills that are essential for students to thrive in school, career, and life.

In a report released by the Aspen Institute in January 2019, this approach to learning is noted as also contributing to educational equity. While social and emotional learning benefits all children of every background, it has particular benefits for children from low-income communities, many of whom experience trauma and adversity resulting from insecure access to housing, food, health care, and safety.

All students need supportive relationships and nurturing learning environments, but students facing additional stress have a particular need to be surrounded by caring adults who treat them as individuals with potential and inherent worth. And when adults create this environment, children of every background can thrive.

These positive outcomes and benefits were the driving force behind the School District of Palm Beach County’s collaboration on a four-year grant with Prime Time Palm Beach County, a nonprofit intermediary organization that serves out-of-school time (OST) programs and practitioners.

Through the four-year Partnerships for Social and Emotional Learning Initiative, the School District and Prime Time will focus on helping elementary school-aged children in Palm Beach County develop positive social and emotional skills, such as self-control, persistence, teamwork and goal-setting, which are linked to success in school, career and life.

The School District of Palm Beach County