Haitian Heritage Month, Annual Essay Contest

May Celebrated as Haitian Heritage Month, Launch of Annual Essay Contest
Posted on 05/01/2020
Haitian Heritage Month

Several states throughout the country commemorate Haitian Heritage Month, which recognizes the valuable contributions made by Haitians to world history. It is a celebration of Haitian culture and an opportunity to share that with the community.

The School Board of Palm Beach County first adopted a resolution to recognize May as Haitian Heritage Month at its regular meeting on April 23, 2003. Since that time, schools throughout the District have marked the occasion with cultural events, student performances, as well as other activities and presentations.

The District is home to a large Haitian and Haitian American student population with a shared pride in their language, customs, and cultural traditions. As in previous years, the annual Haitian Heritage Month Essay Contest for high school students is now underway.

Entrants are being asked to reflect and respond to the important essay contest topic by the May 8 deadline: “Great leaders are people who strive hard to solve problems in their countries. The trend of declining global economies requires the type of leaders who can transform the economies of their countries by implementing effective modern reforms. Suggest ways in which the economy of Haiti can be transformed, keeping in mind a global perspective.”

Three prizes will be awarded in the contest:

First Place - $300 and a certificate.

Second Place - $150 and a certificate.

Third Place - $100 and a certificate.

The School District of Palm Beach County