New District Mission, Vision, and Equity Statement

New District Mission, Vision, and Equity Statement Enshrine Commitment to Ensuring Best Outcomes for All Students
Posted on 05/07/2021
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The School District of Palm Beach County is excited to share its new Mission and Vision, as well as a new Equity Statement and Definition with parents, students, District employees, and community partners!

This all comes as a result of the District’s ongoing commitment to building an inclusive, equitable school system. In November 2020, School Board members began discussing the District’s next Strategic Plan.

These initial conversations led to several equity-focused Board Workshops in February and March 2021, during which Board members examined data and engaged in discussions aimed at improving outcomes for every District student.

The School Board identified glaring disparities in District student data, including suspension rates, attendance, access to advanced course work, Grade 9 course failures, and other indicators of student achievement.

As a result of these examinations, in addition to the knowledge and understanding gained by School Board members over the last several months, the decision was made to develop a new Mission and Vision for the District, along with a new Equity Statement and Definition.

These guiding principles will serve as a strong foundation for the important work of ensuring the best outcomes for all students. The School Board formally approved the new content on May 5 as part of their Special Meeting agenda.

“Having these foundational pieces in place will ensure equity is embedded throughout the District’s next Strategic Plan,” said Superintendent Donald E. Fennoy II, Ed.D.

Dr. Fennoy commended School Board members for their continued dedication and commitment to the students of Palm Beach County throughout this process.

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