Video Contest Promotes Family Engagement

Video Contest Promotes Family Engagement in Education Month
Posted on 11/08/2019
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The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) recognizes November as Family Engagement in Education Month. This year, FDOE partnered with the Florida Education Foundation and the Florida Lottery to highlight the importance of building strong family and community relationships to support student success. 

Family engagement plays a crucial role in student achievement. When schools work together with families to support learning, children are more motivated to succeed, not just in school, but throughout life. There are many great ways to incorporate family engagement in education and we want to see YOUR school in action! 

All Florida K-12 public schools are invited to participate in a video contest highlighting one family engagement strategy used in your school that links to student learning. This campaign-style video should appeal to anyone looking for ways to promote family engagement. Families, students and school staff are encouraged to be a part of their school’s video submission! 

THEME: Strengthening Families Strengthens Students 

CONTENT: Florida K-12 public schools are invited to participate in a video contest promoting the theme ‘Strengthening Families Strengthens Students’. Each video submission must exhibit a specific learning strategy used to engage families, the positive impact family engagement plays on student learning and how it contributes to student success. To obtain information and resources, visit the Bureau of Family and Community Outreach website


  • Videos must be clearly visible and audible. Videos DO NOT have to be professional quality. 
  • Video cannot exceed two minutes in length. Videos longer than two minutes will not be considered. 
  • Videos must include a summary of the strategy used in the video and its impact on student learning. The summary should be added in the description section upon YouTube submission. The summary must be typed and cannot exceed 200 words in length. 
  • Video must be uploaded to YouTube with the comment feature turned OFF. 
  • Videos must comply with YouTube guidelines found here
  • Language and music used in the video must be free of copyright violations. 
  • Video must be free of violence and images portraying violence. 
  • All videos must be accompanied by a completed photo and video release agreement. 
  • Videos received after the submission deadline will not be considered. A link to the YouTube videos, video descriptions, parental consent release agreements, and principal/district coordinator certifications must be submitted online by the district volunteer coordinator or designee. Each district can submit up to THREE (3) videos per school category (elementary, middle and high) for a total of NINE (9) submissions.   
The Bureau of Family and Community Outreach works with school districts, families and community organizations to increase engagement by identifying and distributing information, tools and resources that lead to student success. The Family Engagement in Education Month Toolkit and resources for schools and families may be found at Should you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact Bonita Hampton at [email protected].   
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