Award for Supporting Minority Businesses

School District Wins Award for Supporting Minority Businesses
Posted on 10/01/2019
School District team at FSMSDC Awards Gala

The School District of Palm Beach County is honored to be recognized for its commitment to conducting business with diverse and minority-owned companies and programs. The Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council (FSMSDC) recently named the District the Local Corporation of the Year for Excellence in Supplier Diversity.

“We were totally elated that the fruits of our labor were being recognized for helping small, minority, and women-business owners live their best life to their fullest potential,” said Dicky Sykes, the Director of Diversity in Business Practices. “The best job in the world is one that affords you the opportunity to give back, lift up and pull others along.”


The award is a public celebration of the efforts of the District’s Office of Diversity in Business Practices team. Members were on hand to accept the award alongside Superintendent Donald E. Fennoy II.


The award presentation took place during FSMSDC’s 44th annual awards gala on September 27 in Orlando. The event celebrated the achievements of Florida’s top minority businesses, major corporations, and individuals committed to supplier diversity.


“This award acknowledges that we are demonstrating excellence in supplier diversity, and in providing equal opportunity for minority and women-owned businesses to obtain contracts with the School District,” said Elizabeth Harbur, Manager of Training, Event Planning, & Outreach. “What’s great is that these contracts represent taxpayer dollars that are going back into our community, so this is a win-win for everyone.”


“Supplier Diversity programs have a circular effect in multicultural communities, by creating sustainable business opportunities for small business owners, helping them grow and hire local workers,” Sykes said. “We all win when we help our students and small businesses succeed. One day our students will either be working for the small businesses that we helped grow, or starting small businesses of their own.”


Congratulations to the School District as well as the team members from Facilities, and the Office of Diversity in Business Practices:


Wanda Paul – Chief Operating Officer

David Dolan – Deputy Chief of Facilities Management

Dicky Sykes – Director of Diversity in Business Practices

Patrick Chrysostome – Manager, Business Diversity

Elizabeth Harbur – Manager of Training, Event Planning, & Outreach

Yolanda Fields – Specialist, Business Diversity & Compliance

Jorge Sigler Garcia – Specialist, Business Diversity & Compliance

Nicolas Tarrago – Analyst, Compliance / Outreach

The School District of Palm Beach County