Crosspointe Elementary Launches Color Guard Team

Twirling, Tossing, Trailblazing: Crosspointe Elementary Launches Color Guard Team
Posted on 10/18/2019
Crosspointe ES Color Guard

Elementary students may be a few years away from tossing flags under the Friday night lights, but students at Crosspointe Elementary are already getting color guard experience.

“They are so proud,” said Mackenzie Shiau, who recently started the team. “They want to carry their flags around the school.”

Shiau is an ESOL coordinator at Crosspointe and decided to form the school’s first color guard team this year to cater to both boys and girls interested in the arts. She performed in the cafeteria to let students know about the opportunity to try color guard.

“I did a couple of twirls for them and the number of kids who wanted to join was overwhelming,” she said.

The team now has 35 members from third through fifth grade, including three boys. They practice after school on Mondays, where they learn twirling combinations and dances. Maria Jose Estrada, a Spanish Community Language Facilitator, and Courtney Edgar, a volunteer, help coach the team.

The team already has two performances lined up, including Crosspointe’s multicultural night on December 11, as well as the Boynton Beach Holiday Parade.

“They’re super gung-ho about it all, so it’s been really fun to see the joy of it for them,” Shiau said.

Shiau started color guard when she was a student at H.L. Watkins Middle School and went on to compete nationally as part of the Santaluces Community High School color guard team.

 “My high school experience was completely different because I was in color guard,” she said. “I was with like-minded girls, and I still talk to most of them today. We didn’t have time to get in trouble. We were busy practicing and when we weren’t practicing, we were working to keep our grades up to stay on color guard.”

She hopes her elementary school-aged team members stick with color guard throughout their academic careers because of the many life skills the sport teaches. Various high schools in the Boynton Beach area all have color guard teams.

“The skills that you learn through color guard, I wholly contribute to my success,” Shiau said. “The time management, teamwork, collaboration, dedication, knowing that something is really difficult, but pushing through it because you don’t want to let yourself and other people down and then having that end-product, is all worth it.”

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