District to Add Latin American History Course

District Moves to Add Latin American History Course
Posted on 10/22/2019
Students with a teacher

The Palm Beach County School Board voted unanimously to add a Latin American History Honors course to the District’s secondary curriculum.

The course will focus on the study of the development of the Latin American identity, and the examination of Latin American cultures through literature, sociology, anthropology, economics, and geography.

“Currently our district offers African, African American, and Latin American History Courses, but we have identified a need to create more courses that are similar and offer options at the honors level,” said Brian Knowles, manager of the African, African American, Latino, and Gender Studies. “It is necessary to develop a curriculum that reflects our student demographic. It is crucial that these students are able to see themselves in textbooks and instructional materials to offset the negative psychological effects of traditional curriculums that have marginalized the contributions of people of color.”

Hispanic American students represent about 37% of the 176,000 students in the School District of Palm Beach County. Hispanic educators throughout the county welcome the initiative.  

“The development of a Latin American History Honors course not only aligns to the District's strategic plan of providing effective and relevant instruction to meet the needs of all students, but it also provides an enrichment opportunity to help ensure an equitable learning experience that is culturally responsive,” said Patricia Trejo, Hispanic/Latino Studies Program Planner.

The course proposal now requires the approval of the Florida Department of Education. If adopted, the course will be available for students in all the District High Schools and students will earn 1.0 credit for taking it.

The School District of Palm Beach County