Spectator Protocols for Fall Sports

Spectator Protocols for Fall Sports
Posted on 10/21/2020
Football field

Fall sports are back in the school District of Palm Beach County. There are new spectator protocols, due to COVID-19.

Participants will have a limited number of pre-approved guests, to be identified by the participant. Guests purchase tickets online, in advance, using the cashless “GoFan” website or app. Gates or doors will open 30 to 45 minutes prior to the event start time.

Spectators with valid tickets will be allowed to park. Guests will be expected to follow guidelines for entrance and seating. Admission will stop generally mid-way through the event. For example: football games admission will end at the start of the 3rd quarter.

Please remember that concessions will be closed. Guests will be allowed to bring in one sealed plastic water bottle allowed per person. The water bottle should not be frozen.

Some events will be held at non-District venues, and guests will need to follow that facility’s guidelines. Players and participants must use District-provided transportation to and from the event.

Event spectators will need to have: photo ID, proof of a digital ticket for the event, a mask for facial covering, and personal effects contained in a clear bag. Please refrain from using neck gaiters or bandannas. Spectators will be asked to answer health questions, submit to a temperature check, and undergo a security check or wanding with a metal detector before a ticket may be redeemed.

The District is looking forward to welcoming spectators for a great fall sports season. 

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