Disability History and Awareness Month

District Honors Disability History and Awareness Month
Posted on 10/11/2021
Student in Art class

Disability History and Awareness Month occurs during October to increase awareness, acceptance, and respect for people with disabilities. The goal is also to bring a greater sense of pride to people with disabilities.

“Disability History and Awareness Month provides us the opportunity to recognize the unique abilities of our students and it reminds us of all we can do to support and enable them to excel,” said Kevin McCormick, director of the District’s Exceptional Student Education department.

Florida Statute Disability History and Awareness Instruction was signed into law in 2008, requiring school districts to designate the first two weeks of October as Disability History and Awareness Weeks.

The statute encourages providing instruction for students in all public schools to expand student knowledge, understanding, and awareness of individuals with disabilities, disability history, and the disability rights movement. October is also the month in which a broad range of disabilities are acknowledged:

 • ADHD Awareness Month    • Learning Disabilities Awareness Month
 • Blind Americans Equality Day    • National Disability Employment Awareness Month
 • Disability History and Awareness Weeks    • PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day
 • Disability Mentoring Days    • Rett Syndrome Awareness Month
 • Down Syndrome Awareness Month    • Spina Bifida Awareness Month 
 • Dwarfism Awareness Month    • World Cerebral Palsy Day 
 • Dyslexia Awareness Month  

Additionally, the Florida Department of Education maintains a website with educational resources and information related to Disability History and Awareness.

The District’s Royal Palm School in Boynton Beach is an exceptional student education (ESE) center serving students from pre-kindergarten to 22 years old who have significant disabilities and medical needs.

Severe disabilities include physical, cognitive, and social deficits. The school provides a multitude of services onsite to students with multiple needs, and the entire physical environment has been designed and structured around the unique needs of their students.

“At Royal Palm School, we know that all students need is someone to believe in them,” said Dr. Jennifer Corcoran, the school’s principal. “Our students know that all staff are behind them 100%. All we do is provide them with the opportunities and they soar! We believe they can, so they do!”

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