Camp Out with a Good Book

Reading Room Encourages Students to Camp Out with a Good Book
Posted on 09/09/2019
Girl reading a book

Nestled inside Forest Hill Elementary School, students can pick out a cozy spot (a camping tent, tree stump beanbags around a faux campfire, or even a kayak) to go on a reading adventure.

“We thought it would be something that our kids would really love,” said Susan Wise, science coach at Forest Hill Elementary and the school’s organizer for the Ben Carson Reading Room.

The school unveiled its camping-themed Ben Carson Reading Room on Friday to a class of second graders. The students marveled in the decor, complete with lanterns, picnic baskets and a mural of a forest by the school’s art teacher. The room’s main draw, however, is its wall of brand-new books.

“It was rewarding to see the excitement on their faces,” Wise said.

The Ben Carson Reading Project and Ballenisles Charities Foundation sponsored the special room, which includes 500 brand-new books from various authors and genres.

“Having all this testing going on now, they don’t seem to have a lot of free time to read and read what they want,” Wise said. “So in this room, they’ll get to pick any book, on any level.”

“When you’re reading, you learn so much,” said Ainey Perez, a second-grade student at Forest Hill.

The reading room is now part of the school’s fine arts wheel, so students will enjoy the room on a weekly basis.

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