Dads, Male Role Models

Dads, Male Role Models Asked to Take Their Child to School on September 25
Posted on 09/05/2019
Dads taking your kids to work day.

The School District of Palm Beach County, in collaboration with the Florida Department of Education, is recognizing Wednesday, September 25 as Dads Take Your Child to School Day.

Schools throughout the District encourage fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, foster fathers, and any other male role model to participate by taking their child to school. This is a great way for fathers and father figures to engage with their children and strengthen the connection between fathers, children, and schools.

You don’t have to be a dad to have a positive influence on a child’s life. Research shows that having a father or active male role model increases a child’s self-esteem and academic success. When fathers and other male role models are actively involved, students have fewer disciplinary problems and become more responsible adults.

Many schools in the District are planning gatherings for the fathers once they arrive, to further enhance their involvement in their child’s education. Check with your child’s school for activities they may have planned.

When you take your child to school on September 25, share your pictures with the District on Twitter, using the hashtag #FLDADSATSCHOOL. Visit the Florida Department of Education website for additional information and resources.

The School District of Palm Beach County