District and Community Donate $43k to the Bahamas

District Schools and Community Donate $43k to the Bahamas
Posted on 09/26/2019
Dr Fennoy signing a check

The School District of Palm Beach County is proud to announce that, with the help of its schools, families, staff and students, it presented a check for $43,555 to the American Red Cross.

Earlier this month, Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas as a Category 5 storm, causing immense damage and loss of life. The School District, together with its philanthropic partner the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County, launched its Reading, Writing and Relief campaign to raise money for our neighbors in need.

I’m proud of how our students and staff rallied together to help the Bahamian people during this time of insurmountable tragedy,” Superintendent Dr. Donald Fennoy said.

In addition to making donations on the GoFundMe account, schools answered the call to action and launched fundraisers to support the campaign. On Wednesday, September 25, a check was presented to the American Red Cross to support the relief efforts.

The District is also supporting children and families fleeing the Bahamas. Since the hurricane, about 120 Bahamian children have registered in our schools, and have been greeted with open arms. Children are also receiving free backpacks stuffed with school supplies thanks to the Education Foundation’s Red Apple Supplies Store.

The School District of Palm Beach County