Enhancing Communication and Parental Involvement

Resources and Professionals Break Down Language Barriers, Enhancing Communication and Parental Involvement
Posted on 09/11/2019
Teacher helping a student

For parents in the School District of Palm Beach County, maintaining a connection with their child’s school is a key component to ensuring their child’s success. For parents whose first language is not English, the language barrier can present an obstacle to school involvement. As such, the School District employs many bilingual staff members and offers resources in multiple languages to help facilitate communication:

  • Teachers: a parent’s primary point of contact at their child’s school is their child’s teacher. Communicating effectively with the teacher is critically important, and the District employs many bilingual teachers. In the event that a teacher does not speak a particular parent’s language, facilitators can be brought in for interpretation. 
  • Language Facilitators: schools that have a high number of non-English speakers among the student population will maintain language facilitators. The most common languages ​​are Spanish, Haitian Creole, and Portuguese, with support available for other languages as needed. Language facilitators work as translators and interpreters to ensure effective communication between the school and parents.
  • Bilingual/Bicultural Guidance Counselors: these professionals possess a deep understanding of language and culture, empowering them to provide academic and personal support to students in a culturally sensitive manner.
  • Social Services Facilitators: serving as a liaison between parents and community services, social services facilitators help parents get the assistance they need to support their children.
  • Translators / Interpreters: these professionals are responsible for translating all important communications relevant to the entire District. They also participate in community meetings to provide interpretation for the public.
  • Communications & Engagement Specialists: as part of the District’s communications staff, the engagement specialists are responsible for maintaining the Spanish and Haitian Creole versions of the District's web page, newsletter, and social media platforms. The engagement specialists also provide general information about the District to the community, media relations, and maintain connections with community organizations in Spanish and Haitian Creole.

The District has established a dedicated website that contains information about available programs and opportunities, as well as other relevant District information. Visit our Students & Parents website: www.palmbeachschools.org/students_parents.

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