Lesson in Bravery

Students Get Lesson in Bravery from Daughter of Holocaust Survivors
Posted on 09/27/2019
Daughter of Holocaust Survivors

Hundreds of students gathered in the auditorium at Suncoast Community High School for a special viewing of the film Who Will Write Our History. The school was selected by the Southern NCSY Jewish Organization as the first in the County to host a screening. 

Who Will Write Our History tells the true story of historian Emanuel Ringelblum who led a secret band of journalists, scholars, and community leaders known by the code name Oyneg Shabes who fought back against Nazi lies and propaganda with pen and paper.

The film combines the writings of the Oyneg Shabes archive with new interviews, rarely seen footage and dramatizations to transport viewers inside the Ghetto and the lives of the resistance fighters. The Southern NCSY hopes that the messages in the film about perseverance, courage, and the truth, expands students’ minds and inspires them to fight against injustice.  

“When we live in a beautiful place [like Florida] we can lose focus on what’s important,” said Evan Levitt, Director of Special Projects for the Southern NCSY. “What’s important is for young people to understand how fragile life can be, that’s why we work to share these lessons and educate them on these issues, so that they can be ready to advocate when it’s necessary.”

Following the screening, students heard from Lucia Goodhart, the daughter of Holocaust survivors and an educator who leads trips to historical sites in Europe to educate people about the Holocaust. 

She spoke about her early life in Poland and Israel, her family’s post-World War II experience, and her decision to devote her efforts to speaking about the Holocaust. She offered valuable words of advice to the young audience about the power they have to positively impact society.

“I encourage young people to travel, to read, and to speak to as many survivors that are still around,” Goodhart said. “Don’t let the true history about this awful, epic horror be re-written by people who don’t care, and be hopeful that the world can be a better place because you are in it and you can make a difference.”

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