Dads Take Your Child to School Day - Wed, Sep 28th

DADS Logo_2016The establishment of a robust parent-school partnership supports student success.  The School District is participating in the Florida Department of Education's Dads Take Your Child to School Day on Wednesday, September 28th.  This initiative is a great opportunity to encourage fathers, stepfathers, foster fathers, grandfathers, and other significant male caregivers to get involved in their children's education.  When fathers and other male role models are actively involved, students perform better academically and become more responsible adults.

Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) - Parent Information

FSA-InfoFlorida Standards Assessment (FSA) in Palm Beach County schools begins in April and is scheduled to run through May 20th. According to the FSA website, “The Florida Standards were designed to set higher expectations for students to encourage deeper learning on fewer topics and requiring greater critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving.” Here are some resources to help parents better understand the assessments and help prepare their students.

Florida Students - Educational Resources for Learning

FloridaStandardsResourcesWelcome to, your source for Florida Standards Student Tutorials and Resources for students from kindergarten to 12th grade. This site is new and inside you will find 100s of interactive resources designed to help students learn the concepts needed to master language arts, mathematics, science, and civics. These include over 300 interactive tutorials designed by educators across the state and aligned to Florida standards.

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