District Observes Disability History and Awareness Month


The School District is promoting Disability History and Awareness Month.  This annual awareness campaign that takes place the first two weeks of each October in compliance with the 2008 Florida Statutes, Section 1003.4205, Disability History and Awareness Instruction.

The Department of Exceptional Education set up a new webpage where schools and community members can access awareness activities resource manual, K-12 lesson plans, and historical timeline to promote awareness of disability history and the contributions of people with disabilities. "Words are powerful.  So if we are not mindful, our words could perpetuate stereotyping and low expectation of students with disabilities," said Kevin McCormick, Director of the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department.

Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) - Parent Information


The Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) website has been updated and contains the 2016-2017 assessment schedule. This site  also provides access to general information about the FSA and links to other resources to help parents better understand the assessments and to prepare their students.
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FloridaStandardsResourcesWelcome to, your source for Florida Standards Student Tutorials and Resources for students from kindergarten to 12th grade. This site is new and inside you will find 100s of interactive resources designed to help students learn the concepts needed to master language arts, mathematics, science, and civics. These include over 300 interactive tutorials designed by educators across the state and aligned to Florida standards.

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