Address Verification

     Main Boundaries Line (561) 434-8100 or PX 48100 

To anonymously report improperly enrolled students, please call the tip line.


School Center staff may access documents regarding Student Enrollment Verification Policy 5.011 by clicking on the Address Verification button below. The sample letters are available in four languages and include versions to use during the school year and summer break.

The Address Verification link below is only accessible to District staff.

Click on the Address Verification button for the enrollment verification sample letters and documents.
For questions regarding the implementation of Policy 5.011 - Student Residence Enrollment Requirements, please contact the Boundaries Department at PX 48100 (434-8100).
Informational cover statements may be handed out with the Affidavit of Residence (PBSD 1866) and are available in four languages upon request.

It is important to follow the steps outlined in Policy 5.011 to comply with district, state, and federal legal requirements. Please view the below Legal Overview Vodcast Training Video which provides direction for implementation.

Students Ineligible to Compete Athletically if Information is Falsified

School Board Policy 5.60 Eligibility for Participation in K-12 Extracurricular Activities section 6 (e) states: "Any student who is found to have falsified eligibility information, including his or her address in order to attend a school, shall be deemed ineligible to participate and/or compete in any public school within the District for one calendar year from the date the falsification is discovered. The incident will be documented."

Section 6 (f) further states: "The Superintendent, Area Superintendent, Principal, Coach, or activity sponsor may raise questions of a student's interscholastic athletic eligibility at any time. Any question of eligibility shall be presented to the Principal of the school where the student's eligibility is being questioned."