Facilities Planning & Intergovernmental Coordination

Contact Information: (561) 434-8042

The Facilities Planning and Intergovernmental Coordination website (formerly Intergovernmental Relations) is intended to provide necessary information pertaining to the four major functions the section encompasses: Educational Planning, Five-Year Capital Plan, Intergovernmental Coordination and School Concurrency.

Five-Year Capital Plan

As required by F.S. 1013.35, prepare the Five-Year Work Plan, including 10 and 20 year plans, and transmit to the Florida Department of Education by September 30th of each year. Develop a Five-Year Capital Plan on an annual basis to include both construction and non-construction projects to meet the changing needs of our students.

Intergovernmental Coordination

As required by F.S. 1013.33, coordinates planning with local governing bodies to ensure that public educational facilities are in place concurrent with the student impacts from residential development. The District has received infrastructure and non-infrastructure grants to encourage students to walk and bicycle to school. The Palm Beach County Safe Routes to Schools Coalition was formed in August 2010 to implement the grants.

School Capacity Availability Determination (SCAD)

House Bill 7207 made school concurrency optional. As an alternative to school concurrency,  School Capacity Availability Determination (SCAD)  is being implemented in Palm Beach County replacing school concurrency in accordance with the Inter-Local Agreement between the School Board of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach County and Municipalities of Palm Beach County for Coordinated Planning.