Facilities Overview

Five-Year Plan & Capital Budget

Facilities Planning & Intergovernmental Coordination

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School facilities Planning ensures that the best space the District can afford is provided to each and every student.  This process starts with effective planning commencing at the time of the October FTE and continuing until the Capital Plan is adopted in September.  The Plan must be balanced and feasible to address necessary maintenance, technology improvements, replacement of portables and enrollment relief at schools and at the same time adhering to CSR requirements.


Due to budget constraints, the District has very limited projects it is pursuing.    The focus of the District is towards facility renewal of older schools to meet the changing needs of the students.  Neighborhoods are being redeveloped and students returning to their home school.  This trend requires the schools in these redeveloping areas to be maintained and sometimes capacity added to meet demand.   Due to changing population, shifts in development and economic trends, there is also need for additional capacity in growing areas of the County  which must also be addressed through capital planning or balancing enrollment by conducting program or boundary changes.


As the District faces challenging times due to scarce financial resource, the Capital Plan contains minimal funds for capital projects and is focus mainly on minor maintenance projects.  This trend, if continue will cause our schools to deteriorate and make it even more difficult to get caught up with maintenance and meeting other educational demands.