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Relevant Policies

5.01 Student Assignment
5.011   Student Residence Enrollment Requirements
5.012   Advisory Boundary Committee
7.01   Acquisition of Land for School Use
7.011   Land Records Management
7.012   Land and Facility Interim Property Management
7.03   Naming of School District Facilities and Dedicating Areas of School District Facilities or Grounds
7.12   Disposal of School Board Real and Tangible Property
7.131   Coordinating Planning
7.132   Five-Year Plan and Capital Budget; Annual Update, Amendment and Adoption
7.137   Allocation and Reallocation of Relocatable Classrooms
7.151   Business Partnership Recognition - Fence Screens
7.172   Granting and Accepting Easements and Licenses
7.18   Community Use of District Facilities
7.25   Historic Designation and Use of School Board Facilities