Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

The School District of Palm Beach County is committed to maintaining a drug and alcohol free workplace. School Board Policies 3.96 and 3.961 define the terms and parameters of this commitment. Although public employees are not necessarily subject to random drug testing, supervisors who have cause to believe that an employee is under the influence, can require the employee to submit to a Reasonable Suspicion Drug Test.  The Department of Professional Standards is the primary contact for implementing this policy.

On-Site Reasonable Suspicion Testing Step by Step

  1. A trained supervisor makes a reasonable suspicion determination and calls Professional Standards.
  2. The supervisor completes a Reasonable Suspicion Documentation Form
    (Don’t have one? – Professional Standards will email or fax one to your site).
  3. The supervisor faxes the Reasonable Suspicion form to Professional Standards  (PX 4-8178) and contacts them to discuss the information contained on the form.
  4. Professional Standards will then review the documentation and if it's adequate, will contact the testing lab to send a technician to the site to test the employee. Both blood and urine will be collected as a part of the exam.
  5. While waiting for the technician the supervisor must not leave the employee alone. Measures should be taken to protect the employee's confidentiality during each step of the process.
  6. Professional Standards will prepare the "Assignment to Residence with Pay" letter and fax it to the site.
  7. After the exam, the supervisor will give the "Assignment to Residence with Pay" letter to the employee who will sign and date it for receipt. The supervisor will then fax the signed letter back to Professional Standards.
  8. Upon completion of the testing the employee will be sent home. The employee should not be allowed to drive themselves home. Other transportation arrangements should be made.
  9. The employee will be reassigned home with pay until the results of the drug test have been submitted to Professional Standards by the Medical Review Officer.
  10. Refusal to comply with a reasonable suspicion drug test will be treated as a "positive" test result.

Still Have Questions?

Contact Professional Standards (561) 434-8873