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Beginning February 1, 2018 ALL NEW solicitations must be viewed  and submitted on BidSync.com

To register please go to BidSync.com

Competitive Solicitations

The Purchasing Department is charged with purchasing for the District the best quality of supplies, equipment and services at the lowest cost.  We encourage potential vendors to visit our e-procurement service. For current solicitations, register on-line at www.BidSync.com to view and download and to be notified of Competitive Solicitations.

For all solicitations released after February 1, 2018 you must be registered on BidSync. Go to BidSync.com to "Register For Free" or go to our Vendor Registration page for instructions

The vendor registration is intended for use in identifying vendors desiring to receive solicitations released by Purchasing Department of the School District of Palm Beach County, Florida. For more information go to our Vendor Registration page.

View Current Solicitations on BidSync.com

View Cafeteria Solicitations  (Food and Non-Food Bids)

View Solicitations on DemandStar.com


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