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The Purchasing Department is charged with purchasing for the District the best quality of supplies, equipment and services at the lowest cost with timely delivery.  We encourage potential vendors to visit our e-procurement service and register on-line for FREE at    to be notified of competitive solicitations. The vendor registration is intended for use in identifying vendors desiring to receive Competitive Solicitations released by the Purchasing and Construction Purchasing Department for the School District of Palm Beach County, Florida.

BidSync, a division of Periscope Holdings, automated notification services will send new opportunities via e-mail. In order to receive these notifications, your company must activate a BidSync account. Please have a member of your company visit the BidSync homepage at  and click on “Register for Free” and enter the required information for your business.

Invitations to Bid for food service, electrical projects $75,000, SREF and F.S. 255.20., and above, construction projects $300,000 and above and all Requests for Proposals (RFP) will be advertised in the legal section of the Palm Beach Post.  Competitive Solicitation notices for these types of solicitations will also be sent via e-mail to vendors through BidSync.

Copies of Solicitations are available to view and download at no charge, on  All Solicitations must be submitted on  prior to 2:00 p.m. EST on the due date. For any questions on how to respond to bids electronically through BidSync please contact vendor support at 800-990-9339 Option 1 (Customer Care) and then Option 1 (Vendor Assistance).

If your company is owned and operated by a Minority or Woman (M/WBE) or is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), please visit the District’s Office of Diversity in Business Practices website at or via phone (561) 681-2403 to apply for Certification with the District.  District certified vendors are eligible to attend certain targeted educational workshops and matchmaking events and also may receive preference for certain solicitations.

The Purchasing Department maintains a formal competitive solicitation threshold of $300,000 for construction and $50,000 for all other procurements. Certain items over these thresholds require a competitive sealed bid or RFP to be released by the Purchasing Department. In order to maintain economies of scale, it is necessary for the Purchasing Department to combine and bid like purchases. Therefore, it is required that all requisitions over $1,000 be sent to the Purchasing Department. The assigned Purchasing Agent will review and evaluate all requisitions for schools and departments over $1,000 and group all like items together. This process may require a formal written Bid or RFP to be released by the Purchasing Department. Qualified contractors with current licenses in the State of Florida should apply to the District’s pre-qualification process.  Only vendors who are pre-qualified with the District may participate in construction price based solicitations with an estimated budget of $300,000 or more.

The Purchasing Department generally processes orders under $1,000 through its Purchasing Card program and all other orders with dollar thresholds of $1,000 or more through requisitions in PeopleSoft. Schools and Departments must use bid-awarded vendors where available unless otherwise approved by the Director of Purchasing.

If no contract exists for a certain commodity, then quotes must be obtained.  Orders less than $5,000 require only one quote, but multiple quotes are encouraged.  Orders of $5,000 but less than $50,000 must have a minimum of three competitive quotes secured.

For the purchase of items covered under the Federal Assistance Programs, the threshold shall be $10,000. Purchases may not be split to meet any threshold. Quotes under $10,000 may be secured by telephone, letter, e-mail or facsimile.  Quotes of $10,000 to $50,000 are secured through BidSync unless otherwise approved by the Director of Purchasing. When soliciting quotes, a minimum of three vendors must be contacted, one of which must be currently certified as a Minority/Women Business Enterprises (M/WBE) firm, when such vendors are available. Quotes that have been received by a school or department from a vendor should be forwarded to the Purchasing Department for review and deposition. Vendors should not perform work without the purchase order issued from the Purchasing Department. The purchase order is the only legal authorization for a vendor to perform.


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