Purchasing Card Information

**New Copier Scanning Process Video**


Please watch this video to learn how to scan to your p-card folder. Scans will still need to be sent to the District utilizing the form :

 2343 - Purchasing Card Monthly Statement Report

The Purchasing Department has worked to create a video on p-card usage and guidelines. We hope you find the content informative and somewhat entertaining.

Purchasing cards are issued to school and departments as an alternative method to simplify the purchasing of small dollar items, less than or equal to $1,000 per vendor per day, in accordance with District Purchasing Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines. If your total purchase exceeds $1,000, then a requisition must be entered into PeopleSoft.

Chip and PIN Card Information

Our p-cards are now chip and PIN enabled and provide enhanced fraud protection. This means a 4 digit PIN, or Personal Identification Number, is required when using a p-card at a chip enabled merchant. If you forget your PIN, you may access it at any time by visiting the secure Online PIN Check website at . A one-time registration is required, requiring a Verification ID#. Please see your P-Card Site Administrator for details.

Obtaining a P-Card

Complete form PBSD 2076 by going into the eForms Desktop tile on the District Portal. Send to supervisor for approval.

  • View the mandatory on-line training session in eLearning Management, complete all four activities (Presentation, Quiz, Cardholder Acceptance Guidelines and Contract and Survey) in order to satisfy the mandatory training requirement. Search the catalog activities by typing in P-Card. Make sure to choose the on-line training.

  • Note: There is a 7-10 business day turnaround time to process new card requests. Purchasing Cards will not be issued without completion of the mandatory on-line training.

Card Spending Controls

There are two spending limits established on each card; a single purchase limit and a monthly limit.

The single purchase limit is the $1,000 per vendor per day limit on all District P-Cards. This applies to travel transactions as well.

The monthly limit is the total amount of money that can be spent from the 28th of the month to the 27th of the following month.

Limits are set based on position and need. If limits need to be increased then a written request (via e-mail) is required to be sent to the ‘purchasing card system’ email from the Principal / Director. Area Superintendents are required to provide requests for Principals. Important Note: do not send card numbers via e-mail, the name is sufficient

General limits are:
Travel expenditures – not allowed
Per vendor per day - $1,000
Monthly limit - $5,000

Principal / Director limits are:
Travel expenditures - allowed (Must notify p-card department in advance if travel transaction is over $1,000 or it will be denied)
Per vendor per day - $1,000
Monthly limit - $7,500

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