Records Retention

Records Retention Schedules are written standards for the retention and disposition of public records. These standards are based on the legal, fiscal, historical, and administrative value of the records. The Records Retention Schedule should be consulted during any records inventory process, any time the records are to be relocated, and any time records disposal is considered. The Florida Department of State, State Library & Archives of Florida is the state agency that regulates and approves records retention and disposal for all Florida public agencies.

The Palm Beach County School District Records Retention Schedule was compiled from the State of Florida General Records Schedules and District-specific record series.

All schools and departments are encouraged to review the records series and retention periods in the Records Retention Schedule and be guided by the requirements and qualifications that apply to your school's or department's records. Visit the Disposal page to find more information on the records disposal process. If a school or department maintains records that are not covered under the Palm Beach County School District Records Retention Schedule contact Records Management.