Retirement Planning is important for each employee in the District. Whether you are a new hire or a veteran employee, it's a good idea to review your plan for retirement.


Getting Started...

Review the information on this website and on the website pertaining to your FRS Plan (Pension or Investment). There are brochures, guides, videos and other resources available.


Attend a Workshop...

From time to time workshops, webinars, and meetings are offered through the District and through the FRS. Some of these are for informational purposes and are for all District employees regardless of how close they are to retirement. Others are tailored to those employees who are closer to retirement. Workshop notifications for onsite FRS workshops for all employees will be via the Employee District Digest. For other information on FRS Workshops, visit the MyFRS Workshop website.


Transition Planning...

You may want to think about your options after retirement. What would YOU like to do? Have you always wanted to spend more time with your grandchildren? Would you like to travel? Or would you like to transition into retirement and volunteer at some of our District schools? Check out our Transition Toolkit section in the bottom section of the District's Retirement website.

Hands Up to Volunteer - Y


Interested in Volunteering? There are many ways to volunteer through the District and through the Palm Beach County Community. Information about volunteering with the District is available on the District's Volunteer website. Information about volunteering within the Palm Beach County Community is available through Encore Palm Beach County.


It's Up to You...

Retirement is that time in your life where you can do what you want to nothing at all. It's all up to you. Staying informed and planning ahead will help you reach your personal retirement goals.

FRS Workshops sept-nov2018

Upcoming FRS Workshops

FRS Financial Planning Workshops will be held in September, October, and November of 2018 at the Fulton-Holland Educational Services Center. For more information, and how to register, please click here.

2018 Legislative Changes to DROP

New Hires

The Palm Beach County School District participates in the Florida Retirement System (FRS). All New District employees who are also new to the Florida Retirement System (FRS) must choose between the FRS Pension Plan or the FRS Investment Plan prior to the plan choice deadline.

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FRS Pension Plan

The FRS Pension Plan is a defined benefit plan, in which you are promised a benefit at retirement if you meet certain criteria. The amount of your future benefit is determined by a formula, based on your earnings, length of service, and membership class, and may be adjusted by a cost-of-living increase each July. (from

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FRS Investment Plan

The FRS Investment Plan is a defined contribution plan, in which employer and employee contributions are defined by law, but your ultimate benefit depends in part on the performance of your investment funds. (from

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Guides and Applications

This site will include links to PBCSD Retirement Guides and Applications and various links to the website.

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