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The FRS Investment Plan is a defined contribution plan, in which employer and employee contributions are defined by law, but your ultimate benefit depends, in part, on the performance of your investment funds. The FRS Investment Plan is funded by employer and employee contributions that are based on your salary and your FRS membership class (Regular Class, Special Risk Class, etc.). The Investment Plan directs contributions to individual member accounts, and you allocate your contributions and account balance among various investment funds. Your Investment Plan retirement benefit is the value of your account at termination.*
(*This information was taken from the FRS Investment Plan page on the MyFRS website.)

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There are workshops, seminars, and webinars available through the FRS system and through the Palm Beach County School District. For more information regarding FRS workshops and to locate a workshop near you, please visit the MyFRS Workshop website.

Information regarding District workshops for all employees will be announced on the District's main Retirement website in the banner section at the top of the page.

There are also small group session workshops available for those employees who are nearing retirement or DROP. Registration for these sessions is through the HR Customer Care Center by calling 561.434.8777 (Option 1) or via email at

MyFRS Financial Guidance Program

On the Phone
The MyFRS Financial Guidance Line is staffed by an award-winning financial planning team at EY and retirement counselors from the Division of Retirement, ready to take your call and offer you knowledgeable, personalized assistance.* (866-446-9377, Option 1 [TRS 711])
Over the Web
The website offers valuable resources, financial data, education information, and easy access to state-of-the-art services such as the ADVISORY SERVICE, CHOICE SERVICE, and the 2nd CHOICE SERVICE (for considering your 2nd Election).*
In Person
The MyFRS Financial Guidance Program sponsors financial planning workshops filled with valuable retirement and general investment information.* (*This, and other information above, is taken from the Financial Planning & Counseling page on the MyFRS website.)