Carefully review your enrollment materials and make selections which best meet your insurance needs.  Keep in mind that you will be making choices which will remain in effect until the end of each benefit plan year.  Elections are considered to be irrevocable and are subject to the rules and guidelines outlined in Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).

For the purpose of benefit enrollment, all regular full-time employees who work six or more hours per day are eligible (regular full or part-time employees working 3.75 per day for those in the CTA bargaining group).

Eligible dependents may also be enrolled.  Only dependents who meet the eligibility definition and provide the required documentation will be enrolled in our benefit plans.

Domestic Partners may also be enrolled in our plans.

Complete your benefit enrollment on-line and provide required documents timely!

Failure to enroll on-line within 30 calendar days of your hire/eligiblity date will result in you automatically being enrolled in the following plans:

Low Option HMO             (Employee Only)

Basic Life Insurance        (Employee Only)

You may also view our Section 125 Plan Documents for additional information



On-line Enrollment Instructions

Dependent Audit Verification (DAV)

Domestic Partner Enrollment Instructions and Affidavit (Affidavit must be submitted by close of enrollment period)

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