The following links provide you a quick and easy way to find important information about how your leave of absence affects your benefits. Visit this site often for the most current information. Please take a few minutes to review the important information outlined below. 

Leave of Absence - How do I apply for a leave from my job?

Disability - How do I apply for Short Term and/or Long Term Disability

Click on the link to view a sample of the letter you should receive when you are on an unpaid leave of absence, which explains important information regarding your benefits and your responsibilities, including premium payments while on a leave of absence.

Returning from a leave of absence?  Here are the steps you need to know:

Returning to work can be exciting and stressful. Within 30 days of your return from a leave of absence, it is critical that you contact the Risk & Benefits Management Department to make elections. You will need to complete a paper enrollment form.

If  you fail to complete a Benefits Change From within 30 days of your return from leave, you will be enrolled in the default Low HMO medical plan with employee only coverage. For additional information regarding your benefits while on leave please refer to the link below. Read more.....

Leave of Absence - Summer Benefits (Less than 12 month employees)

FMLA has been exhausted - within the past 12 months you have used the maximum of 12 weeks of leave.

If your FMLA has been exhausted as of June, your benefits will end June 30th.  You will receive a COBRA notice and will have the option to continue your medical, dental and vision coverage by electing and paying the full cost (COBRA rates), of the insurance.

Examples:  You took a 5 weeks beginning in October, you returned to work but took another leave beginning in April .  The remaining 7 weeks will be exhausted as of June .  Benefits will end as of June 30th.

FMLA leave began in early March.  The full 12 weeks are exhausted in June.  Benefits will end as of June 30th.

FMLA can be extended - within the past 12 months you have used less than 12 weeks of leave and are still eligible to request to extend your leave due to the birth/adoption or you illness or a family members illness.

If your FMLA has not been exhausted by June, you will be able to continue your benefits during the summer months (June/July).  You will be responsible to send payments by personal check or money order.  Risk & Benefits Management will send you a monthly statement.

Example: Your new FMLA begins in May, since you will not exhaust the full 12 weeks in June, your benefits will be active for the months of June and July as long as required premiums are paid in a timely manner.



Annual Enrollment

Leave of Absence - Annual Enrollment

Employees on Leave of Absence are not able to participate in the online annual enrollment. However, upon your return you will have an opportunity to make changes to your coverage. Simply contact us at (561) 434-8668 or

(561) 434-7478 within 30 days of your return to work.

Are you adding a dependent to your plan?