Congratulations! Thank you for your dedicated service to the School District of Palm Beach County.  We wish you a happy and healthy retirement.

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Retiree Enrollment Information

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Other Resources & Contacts

You may need additional support and information as you make important decision about your retirement needs.  You are encouraged to use the resource information and contacts listed below.

Paying for your Retiree Benefits is simple!

A Retiree Benefit package will be mailed to your home address.  You will have 30 days after your active benefits have ended to make benefit elections as a retiree. Use the enrollment form found in your package to make your elections.  An initial payment by check or money order made payable to Palm Beach School County School District, must be included with your enrollment form.

After your have retired and have made your retiree elections an initial payment as a retiree, you have two payment options available:

  • Florida Retirement System (Authorized Payment)
  • Direct Payment (ACH - debit personal saving or checking account)

Medicare Supplement Vendors

 Sometimes you might just need a little extra help to make important decision about what is the best options for you. Especially since the right choice may depend upon your personal situation and circumstances.  For instance, your Medicare Eligibility status, your budget, your prescription drug needs, the need to cover a dependent and the timing of your retirement.  Having a knowledgeable person to help you step through your options is just what you need during those times.  Although the District can not endorse any particular vendor to assist you, know that the vendors show here are very familiar with the Districts health plans and Medicare information and Medicare Plan Options.



 I Received a COBRA Notice, Why?
Federal Law requires that a COBRA notice be sent anytime a loss of coverage occurs due to a change in employment status.  You may disregard the COBRA notice if you have elected retiree benefits.  Please consult with our COBRA Administrator, Benefit Outsource, Inc. BOI) if you have additional questions about COBRA
Do I Need to Elect COBRA?
If you have elected district benefits or are enrolled in other coverage, you do not need to elect COBRA.  However, if your spouse or dependent child has lost coverage due to your become enrolled in Medicare, COBRA may be an option for them to consider.  Please consult with our COBRA Administrator (BOI) if you have additional questions.

Benefit Outsource Inc. (BOI) Customer Service 1-888-8772780