The School District of Palm Beach County provides the opportunity for employees to contribute to the following voluntary retirement savings accounts:

The most important action you can take for your future is to begin to save early and continue to save.  We offer various options to help get you started.  The fastest way to begin to use the Quick Enroll is to set aside savings in Plan(b).

Click here for a quick link to the Benefit Reference book page related to Voluntary Retirement Savings information.

Plan (b) - To further encourage participation in its voluntary retirement plans, your plan sponsor offers a Core Retirement Savings Option known as Plan(b). Enrollment in Plan(b) is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. You do not need to make any investment decisions as your contributions will initially be deposited into a Guaranteed Income Fund (GIF) which has a guarantee of principle and interest crediting. Simply complete the QuickENROLL process, and you will be on your way to saving for your future retirement. Once the enrollment process has been completed you will receive information regarding account access and changing your investment options should you so choose.  Want more information about Plan (b)?  Read more about Plan(b)

Pre-Tax Traditional 403(b) Accounts” 403(b)-Tax Sheltered Annuities (TSA) & 403(b)(7)Tax Sheltered Mutual Funds (TSM)

Contributions made are “pre-tax” and reduce your taxable income. Withdrawals are taxed during the year of your withdrawal.

“After-Tax Roth 403(b) Accounts” Roth 403(b)

Contributions made are “after-tax” and do not reduce your taxable income.  All qualified distributions are tax-free.

"457(b) Accounts" - Pre-tax Deferred Compensation Plans

You may enroll in these plans at any time.  For a list of providers and detailed information on the companies and their products please Click HereTo enroll you need to contact the provider of your choice directly.

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Need help with Loans/Distributions/Transfers?

TSA Consulting Groups has an automated system that allows you to make request for loans, distributions or transfers.  This process helps to reduce the processing time. Click the ART link for step by step instructions On-Line Loan Instructions - ART (Aggregated Records and Transactions) 

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