Emergency Drill Reporting   Instruction


Fire Drills

     Ten (10) per school year, with two (2) drills conducted within  

     the first month of school.

Tornado Drills

     Two (2) per school year, with one drill conducted in September

     and the second drill, should coincide with the statewide annual

     tornado drill coordinated through Palm Beach County Emergency

     Management. A bulletin will be issued each year as scheduling varies.

Tornado Drill Activities

ESE Staff and Student Evacuation Plans

ESE Coordinators should complete PBSD 2592, 2593 & 2594, in accordance with the directions on each form. Questions? Please click on the link below for additional instructions. Need more help don't hesitate to contact your school's Safety Technician.



ESE Evacuation Plan Instructions 

School, please refer to this link for the name of the Safety Technician assigned to your school.