District Safety Committee

The District has established guidelines for safety awareness and safety committees as per School Board policy 2.382.

The Superintendent shall appoint members of the District Safety Committee.  The District Safety Manager shall be the ex officio chair of the committee.





The functions of the District Safety Committee shall be to:

  • Review and provides input with safety resources created by District Safety for use by schools and departments.
  • Review the activities of the school center safety committees & other District safety committees;
  • Determine the need for additional safety committees at locations other than school centers and make recommendations to the Superintendent; and
  • Make recommendations to the Superintendent on various safety-related issues.



The District Safety Committee shall meet at least every other month during the school year.

Future meetings

      • September 12, 2018
      • November 28, 2018
      • January 16, 2019
      • March 27, 2019
      • May 15, 2019


Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the most recent District Safety Committee meetings are available here:

September 12, 2018


District Safety Committee Members

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School Safety Committees

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Department Safety Committees

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