Welcome to the School District!  As a new employee, you are eligible to enroll in many different benefits. Medical insurance is subsidized by the District so your premiums are low! You are also eligible for $20,000 in basic term life coverage at no charge. Higher term life insurance limits as well as dental, vision and disability plans are available to you, at negotiated group rates. You can find information on all the various benefit choices in the Benefits Reference Guide.   Additionally, the information on this page should help you get off to a great start! We hope you are pleased with the selections available. Don't forget to enroll within 30 days of your start date; otherwise you will automatically be enrolled in employee only Low Option HMO medical and basic term life.

Benefit Enrollment Resources

Composite of Clock and Calendar

Reminders & Deadlines

Benefit enrollment is available through PeopleSoft - My Benefits/Benefit Enrollment

  • Dependent Verification - must be completed prior to close of enrollment period
    • Risk & Benefits Management - A103 FHESC
  • Benefit Elections Confirmation - After December 5, 2017
    • Election changes not permitted
  • MetLife Statement of Health  
    • Form required for increase or elections of Optional Life in excess of guarantee issue amount
    • Mail  or Fax form directly to MetLife
  • 1095C Electronic Consent 

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Your Interactive Benefit Help

Before you make a benefits enrollment decision, be sure to talk to ALEX. ALEX can make sure you’re in the right kind of plan for your needs, and that can save you and your family time and money.Find Out Which Plan Is Best For You!