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FY18 School Safety Contact form- includes contact information for the following critical areas: AED Coordinators, Athletic Directors, Playground Coordinators and Golf Cart Coordinators. This information should be completed on the Safety Contact Information Google Form. Please click on the link below and complete or update all required fields of information.

 FY18 School Safety Contact form


  • Required Safety Training

               Playground Supervision Mandatory

Mandatory Training for Theaters & Stage Rigging (new employees)

               Mandatory Workers' Compensation Reporting Training For All Employees FY18


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Safety technicians can support your school by assisting with:

  • Questions pertaining to federal, state and District safety requirements.
  • Performs annual playground safety inspections for compliance with ASTM/CPSC guidelines.
  • Performs employee and student injury investigations and makes recommendations for corrective action.
  • Assists with Vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Workers Compensation Light Duty Assessments and Compliance.
  • Provide other safety training.
  • ESE evacuation planning.
  • Ergonomic reviews.
  • Any other safety concerns.

Support Team

Linda King
Linda M. King

Risk & Safety Manager


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