The Alternative-to-Suspension Program, ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs), provides two options for middle  and high school students suspended for alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs in lieu of the traditional out-of-school suspension format.

By attending the program's 3-hour classroom session, students suspended for alcohol and other drugs may receive a waiver of up to 5 days of the mandatory 10-day suspension, with 5 days held in abeyance.  Similarly, students suspended for tobacco: 1st or 2nd offense, may receive a waiver of up to 3 days of the mandatory 5-day suspension, with 2 days held aside.  Please click on the link below for dates, times, and locations of ATOD course offerings.


SY18 ATOD Course Offerings Bulletin

Contact Information

June Eassa, Director
Wanda Lee, ATOD Coordinator
561-494-1518;   PX: 81518
FAX: 561-494-1470