The Department of Safe Schools

Classroom Management



Behavior is functionally related to the teaching environment.

Classroom Management

Our vision is a proactive and positive approach to classroom mangagement, with the focus being instructional behavior management.


Our mission is to empower teachers into putting successful behavior management systems in place to achieve the goals of orderly, responsive, engaged, and motivated students.

Professional Development Offerings

Proactive and Positive Strategies for Success (CHAMPS) - Two Days

Objectives include:

  • Developing an effective Classroom Management Plan
  • Utilizing effective encouragement and correction procedures
  • Intervening to address chronic misbehavior
  • Implementing School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SwPBS)
  • Connecting Marzano's research-based best practices

Tough Kids & Intervention Strategies Trainings - One Day*

*Prerequisite: Two Day Proactive and Positive Strategies for Success (CHAMPS)

Objectives include:

  • Identifying proactive and positive strategies to remediate and reduce problematic behaviors, behavioral excesses, and noncompliance
  • Examining the causes of tough kid behavior and unproductive educational practices to avoid
  • Selecting effective strategies to incorporate into their daily practices with students

Contact Information

June Eassa, Director 
(561) 494-1569
JeTawn Shannon, Manager
(561) 982-0916
Frances Basich, Specialist
(561) 982-0929
Vicki Gaddy, SSC-B Coach
(561) 653-5227