Program Management


Coordinated School Health programs can provide valuable and needed health intervention to prevent student absences and the spread of communicable disease.


The School District of Palm Beach County is committed to providing a school health program that will keep our students safe in school and ready to learn.  Together, with our community partners, parents, and school staff our district will foster a protective and healthy school environment that allows all students with health issues to thrive.



Cathy Burns, RN, Ph.D
Health Services Specialist, SDPBC


Our school nurse is extremely kind and compassionate toward our children. She knows the individual students and their needs. Administrators are always kept informed of student needs or concerns she sees that come through our clinic.

Bobbi Moretto
Coral Reef Elementary School, Principal

Our school nurse does an outstanding job managing acute and chronic illnesses and issues in one of the largest elementary schools in the county. He has developed a fool proof system to insure teachers do not leave campus on a field trip without their medication.

William Fay
Banyan Creek Elementary School, Principal

Our school nurse has been vital in aiding parents in navigating the obstacles and daily challenges that prevent them from following through with medical services. Her support role has made a major impact both socially and academically.

Moneek Scott-McTier, Ed.D
Pleasant City Elementary School, Principal

School Health Partners

braceThe School District of Palm Beach County partners with county and state agencies to provide basic school health services within our schools.  These services are explained in detail within this website and contact information is provided.

School District of Palm Beach County
Provides coordination of health partners in delivery of nursing and health related services. Provides training of school staff and updated health requirements and/or information.

Florida Department of Health Palm Beach County
Provides medical and administrative oversight to our school health program and nursing services in Comprehensive schools.

Health Care District of Palm Beach County
Provides nursing services and nursing administrative support to all of our public schools.

Meet Our Team

Brenda Galie - HD 2015Brenda Galie, RN
Nurse Consultant of Community and School Health, FLDOHPBC

GinnyKeller7x6Ginny Keller, RN,
Director, School Health Program HCDPBC

School Health Guidelines

School Health Policies and Procedures

Florida school districts follow the standards of health care within schools and requirements as mandated in by the following Florida Statutes:

FS 381.0056
FS 1002.22