The Department of Safe Schools

Mediation, Peer Mediation, and Restorative Circles


What is Mediation?

Mediation is a method of solving interpersonal problems with the help of a neutral third party who guides a strategic conversation between disputants  or people in the disagreement. Some advantages of using mediation are listed below.


  • The details of the process are private. Mediators are not allowed to report details of the discussion to outside parties, including referring supervisors, without the permission of the disputants.
  • The disputants retain the power to plan their own remedies rather than having decisions imposed by others.
  • Future interaction between disputants tends to be much more positive by virtue of having resolved issues together.

What is Peer Mediation?

Peer mediation is mediation conducted by trained students for their classmates, under the supervision of adult counselors.  Trainers from The Department of Safe Schools assist school staff in the process of identifying, training, and supporting peer mediators

Who is Eligible for Services?

Restorative Circles provide a structured process of resolving differences and building relationships within groups of people. 


Ask about mediation, peer mediation, and restorative circles at your child's school.

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