The Department of Safe Schools

Safe and Drug Free Schools Advisory Council

SDFS Advisory Council Commitment

The Safe and Drug Free Schools (SDFS) Advisory Council is committed to valuable contributions from all stakeholders; strong relationships between District staff, community representatives, and parents; meaningful collaboration and consultation; and careful proposal reviews.

Overview of SDFS Function

The Safe and Drug-Free Schools (SDFS) Advisory Council includes collaboration among District staff, community representatives, and parents.. The Council meets quarterly to review items related to Safe and Drug-Free Schools initiatives. Needs assessments, plans, activities, and program evaluation results are presented and discussed. Requests made by community groups and individuals to provide drug or violence prevention activities in the schools are reviewed. The Council assesses these proposals based upon the principles of effective prevention programming. Council members provide updates about their activities and services.

Procedures for Program Review

The School District of Palm Beach County has specific guidelines established for the review of supplemental resources utilized in the district.  Administrative Directive 5.131 - Health Education Programs and Services: Screening of Community Resources clearly indicates that all violence and drug prevention materials should be reviewed by the Preview Committee within the SDFS Advisory Council.

  1. Interested program presenter submits application - SDFS Proposal Packet-3.30.17
  2. Committee reviews and schedules presentation
  3. Advisory Council members consider the program as it relates the Principles of Effectiveness for Prevention Programs:
  4. Assessment of data;
  5. Measurable goals and objectives, and relevant activities;
  6. Strategies prevent or reduce drug use, violence, or disruptive behavior; and
  7. Periodic program evaluation

Things to Remember:

  • Proposals will be reviewed and the applicant will be sent a letter of approval or rejection.

  • If approved, the approval is in place for three years.

  • The use of the program is at the discretion of the school principal.

  • The list of approved programs is available by contacting the Department of Safe Schools.

  • Principals and staff may call to see if a program is approved.

  • The Department of Safe Schools does not help market approved programs.

  • All vendors must be background checked and fingerprinted.

Visit our current list of K-12 -Approved SDFS List 5.5.17 

Contact Person 

JeTawn Shannon, Ed.D.