The Department of Safe Schools

Safe School Ambassadors (SSAs)

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About Safe School Ambassadors

Palm Beach County Schools began the implementation of the Safe School Ambassadors (SSA) program in 2000. SSA is an international program that enables schools to develop a cadre of motivated, trained, and supported student opinion leaders who de-escalate conflict and reduce exclusion, cruel humor, bullying, and other forms of mistreatment on their campuses.

Characteristics of SSAs

Students who join SSA are socially confident individuals who have enough inner strength to express an opinion or take an action that contradicts the opinions and actions of friends. SSAs are able to tune in to social and interpersonal indicators of stress, and they are willing to help when they recognize that stress exists.



SSAs are NOT:

Reasonable Allies
Skilled Listeners
Gentle Guides
Persuasive Diplomats
Ethical Interventionists

Safety Patrols
Hall Monitors
Social Police


SSAs from grades 4-12 are recruited, trained, and supported by Safe Schools personnel in conjunction with school staff.  Training sessions typically take place on the school’s campus and include initial training and 30-40 minute follow-up support meetings that take place every two to three weeks during non-academic times. Most schools maintain a group of 25-40 SSAs.

Contact the principal or school counselor to find out if your child's school has an SSA program.


Contact Information

June Eassa, Director
(561) 494-1569


JeTawn Shannon, Manager
(561) 982-0916
Rick Lewis, Specialist
(561) 982-0920


Kim Mazauskas, Resource Teacher
(561) 982-0922