The Department of Safe Schools

Positive Behavior Support (PBS)


School-wide Positive Behavior Support

Our vision is to empower all school centers to create and sustain SwPBS practices with fidelity and high implementation levels, resulting in socially safe learning environments.

Our mission is to assist schools in establishing and maintaining school environments where the climate, culture, and behavioral supports needed to be an effective learning environment are in place for all students.

What You Need to Know About SwPBS

SwPBS is a systems change approach.  By incorporating systems, data, and practices schools will change their discipline system in an effort to achieve their desired outcomes of social competence & academic achievement.  SwPBS includes data to support decision making and practices to support students.  The most important component is for schools to change their systems to support their staff.





Essential Components of SwPBS

  1. Administrator Support, Participation, and Leadership
  2. Common Purpose and Approach to Discipline - The TEAM Process
  3. Define Positive Expectations (for all students and staff)
  4. Procedures for Teaching Expected Behaviors
  5. Continuum of Procedures for Encouraging Expectations
  6. Continuum of Procedures for Discouraging Inappropriate Behavior
  7. Procedures for Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluating Effectiveness of the SwPBS System

Visit Florida's Positive Behavior Support Project for more information!

Contact Information

June Eassa, Director
(561) 494-1569

JeTawn Shannon, Manager
(561) 982-0916

Frances Basich, Specialist
(561) 982-0929
Vicki Gaddy, SSC-B Coach
(561) 653-5227