School Board Member Redistricting Information

School Board Member Redistricting Information

Note: Board Member Redistricting does not, in any way, impact School Attendance Zones.

Florida Statute 1001.36 requires that School Board Member Districts must be as "equal in population as nearly as practicable" and may only be amended in odd-numbered years. The 2020 Census data, released on August 16, 2021, indicates that School Board Member Districts have grown disproportionately over the past decade, thereby requiring redistricting in 2021 to achieve greater equality between Districts.

The Census data needed for redistricting is usually released by the Census Bureau during the March following the decennial Census, or March 2021. However, due to the impacts of COVID-19, the data was not released until August 16, 2021, four months later than usual, necessitating a severely compressed redistricting timeline.

Board Member Redistricting does not in any way impact School Attendance Zones.

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