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FY17 School Improvement Plan (SIP) Training
Participants must register for an available training in eLearning. (refer to Bulletin #PD 16-330 DSCOS).  Click on words to link to PowerPoint and Handouts used in training.

Training Dates
Regular Schools (Non-Title) Webinar: August 12 and 22, 2016
Optional Lab Support Sessions: August 30, 31 and Sept. 1, 2016

School Improvement Plan and District Strategic Plan Alignment
FY17 Requirement: 
Refer to Bulletin #P 16-297 DSCOS,  Click on words to link to PowerPoint and Handouts used in training.

FY17 SIP Deadlines and Due Dates
August 31, 2016, 
DA Schools ONLY:  Transformation (DA) Schools submit DRAFT SIP online template to Regional Executive Director through CIMS for review

September 26, 2016, All Schools:  Submit SIP online template through CIMS and turn-in documentation as outlined in PBSD form #2248


Are charter schools subject to Differentiated Accountability under section 1008.33, Florida Statutes?

No, charter schools are exempt from this statute, pursuant to section 1002.33(16), Florida Statutes. If a charter has a current grade of D or F, they must follow the accountability requirements of Rule 6A-1.099827, Florida Administrative Code.

How do I print the SIP if it isn't published to the public site?

Logged in users may print an unpublished SIP two ways. They may go to the Plans page at https://www.floridacims.org/plans and click the black Export button next to the plan they wish to print. This will generate a PDF file that may be saved to the user's computer and/or printed. Alternatively, users already working within the plan may find the blackExport button in the left navigation tree of any page within the SIP


Does the FDOE produce a newsletter or bulletin?


YES:  BSI_Bulletin_-_Issue_4_Final


Does the FDOE have a School Improvement Website other than CIMS?


YES, NEW WEBSITE - recently added to the FDOE website

Florida Bureau of School Improvement Website: 

EDW (use Internet Explorer)

Schools may use the following reports in New EDW when completing Parts I and III of the SIP:

**Now Available**

School Board Policy 2.09

School Board requires schools to address the following:

ESE Inclusion Education

Best Practices for Inclusion Education(BPIE)

Title I Schools

The FDOE Bureau of School Improvement provided a list of all components a school-wide program must include in its School Improvement Plan pursuant to No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.


Parent Involvement Goal(s) refer to Volunteers in Public Schools - VIPS. Each elected SAC member must complete eForm PBSD 1710 SAC Member and return to Principal.


Submission of SIP Checklist eForm PBSD 2248 is required of all schools. Elected SAC members complete SAC Member eForm PBSD 1710. Regional or Instructional Superintendents submit SIP Confirmation Receipt eForm PBSD 2250.


This document directs schools to the PeopleSoft queries:

Department of EDUCATION

Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) for Florida's Schools, Districts and the State

School Public Accountability Reports

Covering Elementary and Secondary Education Act Requirements for State and LEA Annual Report Cards

**NEW - Reports for FY15**